How to Spot a Gamer (the Complete Guide)

Some of us only play video games every once in a while, while others of us devote a considerable amount of time each week to engaging in such activities. Regardless of the category that an individual belongs in, there are a few key indicators that can be used to determine whether or not a person is a genuine and serious gamer.

You will develop a one-of-a-kind persona as a result of playing video games, one that other players may be able to relate to and identify with. There is a possibility that some of these characteristics will strike you as laughable, while others might actually be pretty spot on.

We conducted extensive research on a large number of serious gamers, and as a result, we were able to identify the top eight telltale signals that a person is, in fact, a dedicated gamer. If you want to determine whether or not a person is a gamer, you should keep an eye out for the following characteristics in a person:

How to Quickly and Easily Recognise or SPOT a Gamer?

1. Authentic gamers can be identified by the following traits and habits:

For one, they can not help but hum or sing songs associated with the sports they have played.

Most video game soundtracks are memorable, to the point where players who have devoted a significant amount of time to a single game will be able to hum every note.

While not every gamer will go to the trouble of learning the songs from their favorite games’ soundtracks, it is common practice among avid players. 

If you play video games like Mario or Ocarina of Time frequently and for a long time, you will start humming the game’s theme music or Saria’s Song while going about everyday activities like vacuuming or washing dishes.

Only those who know “On My Way” by Alan Walker, Sabrina Carpenter, and Farruko inside and out can call themselves gamers. If you are not a gamer, you might not get the same satisfaction out of these tunes that gamers do.

If someone claims to be a gamer, you should check his music library to see if he listens to any video game soundtracks.

2. Complaints from their loved ones and close acquaintances

Because gamers devote a greater portion of their attention to gaming, those who are closest to them are likely to express their disapproval of their hobby on a regular basis. The typical reaction of gamers in this circumstance would be something along the lines of “these people just do not get it, do they?” A true gamer will, at some point, hear a string of complaints about the amount of time they spend gaming from their friends and family members. These complaints will be directed toward the amount of time the true gamer spends gaming. The amount of time that they spend playing video games will be the subject of these complaints.

If you have reached this point, then you should feel very proud of yourself because you have earned the right to be called a group leader among the gamers. Congratulations!  But anyhow…

The reality is that your loved ones, including your family, friends, and others who care about you, are most likely concerned about how well you are doing.

We normally give this piece of advice to our players so that they can avoid having to deal with issues of this nature, and it is that they should take part in other activities and make time to interact socially with other people their age. 

3. They have experienced a time when a game touched the emotional side of them

Those players who have put a significant amount of time into The Last of Us or Life is Strange will have a good understanding of what it means to get emotionally attached to a video game because of the amount of time they have invested in those games. You can reasonably conclude that someone is a gamer if they describe a time in the past when they were emotionally invested in a game they played.

This pretty much demonstrates how much time they must have spent playing such a game in order to have become so addicted to it to the extent that they did. In other words, it shows how much time they spent playing the game. When they start using characters from video games in real life, that is when things will really begin to pick up the pace and become interesting.

4. They are joyful because of video games.

There is an additional level of joy that gamers get from video gamers, even from the pronunciation of the term itself, which is why it is called a game because its purpose is to entertain and make you happy. However, it is called a game because its purpose is to entertain and make you happy.

When asked, “What brings you the most joy?” If you ask a true gamer what they like to do, they will almost always say “Video games” as their first group of responses.

Even though playing video games is something that a lot of people do in order to wind down and relax, for some of the most devoted gamers out there, it is literally their source of sustenance.

5. They are unconcerned about the price

It is possible that you will be required to put up with it, but for gamers, the hassle is more than worth it for every excellent game that provides the kind of experience that they yearn for. Even if they are complaining about how expensive other things are, a true gamer will not even bat an eye when the price of a GT RACING Gaming Chair is discussed, even though they may be complaining about how expensive other things are.

You do not even want to argue with them because a true gamer will be ready to give you a thousand and one reason why the ergonomic luxury of his gaming chair should not be compared to a cushion-less guitar stool. You do not even want to argue with them because you do not even want to argue with them because you do not even want to argue with them. You do not even want to argue with them because you do not even want to argue with them because you do not even want to argue with them. Therefore, you do not even want to get into a fight with them.

6. Video games are so important to players that they are willing to sacrifice other activities.

A gamer can be easily recognized in a number of other ways, one of which is when they do not make any pretense, even after they have been found, of having lied or of having canceled a plan for the purpose of the game that they intend to play or finish. This is one of the ways in which a gamer can be easily recognized.

Every gamer has, at some point or another, been guilty of this behavior, whether it be lying about being sick to get out of school, skipping a hangout with friends, postponing a virtual meeting, or canceling a hangout altogether. There is no question about the value of doing so, particularly in light of the memories that will be created, and no one will criticize you for doing so. 

7. Backgrounds for your computer and other devices that are related to video games

Everyone has a different opinion when it comes to the aesthetics of electronics; however, when it comes to gamers, it is always a thousand stickers related to games that are affixed to their computers and phones. True gamers can be recognized by the fact that the background image on their mobile device, personal computer, or both will always be related to a video game in some form. This can be either a screenshot from the game or a screen capture from the game itself.

The majority of people have the misconception that the most essential thing is to have a background on their device that depicts a character from the most recent video game. When you ask a gamer what his favorite background is, you will notice that the default setting is images related to gaming. This is because gamers tend to view backgrounds as an extension of their gaming experience.

8. Do not mess with their internet connection in any way!

When it comes to gamers as individuals, the digital form, rather than the physical form, is where you will find the most activity. I have said this before, and I will say it again: the digital form of a game is where you will find the most action. Because of this, if you do not want to get on their nerves, you should steer clear of confining them in an area that has a poor internet connection as much as possible.

In today’s world, where individual games can take up to 100 gigabytes of storage space, and new content is released every minute, a subpar internet connection is a major deterrent for gamers looking to play online.


One last quality of true gamers that I feel obligated to mention is that they are able to learn more and a wider variety of interesting information through gaming than they could from all other sources combined.

Should we start with the historical facts, the mythology that each player must have picked up from their experience playing games, or neither of these things? Or should we begin by discussing the teamwork that was expected of them in the multiplayer mode?

There is a high probability that every person who plays video games can relate to each and every one of the eight habits that we have discussed regarding how to identify a gamer.

However, the most important reason why this is such a wonderful thing is due to the fact that people who play video games are frequently acknowledged for their quick thinking and smart thinking. In spite of the widespread misconceptions that surround video games, it would appear that players are able to acquire a significant number of items that they can then display in their actual environments.

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